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act() - Method in class mayflower.Actor
The act method is called by the Mayflower framework to give actors a chance to perform some action.
act() - Method in class mayflower.Label
act() - Method in class mayflower.RainbowLabel
act() - Method in class mayflower.World
Actor - Class in mayflower
An Actor is an object that exists in a Mayflower World
Actor() - Constructor for class mayflower.Actor
Construct an Actor
addedToWorld(World) - Method in class mayflower.Actor
addLogger(Logger) - Method in class
Register a Logger to listen for cals to the log() method
addObject(Actor, int, int) - Method in class mayflower.World
adjust(int) - Method in class mayflower.Timer
Adjust the goal time of this timer by the specified amount (in milliseconds) This method will NOT reset the timer.
AHEAD - Static variable in interface mayflower.Direction
ask(String) - Static method in class mayflower.Mayflower
Open a popup that prompts the user to enter some text.
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